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Maritime Museums Boat Collection (Online Auction, Eyemouth, Cardiff, Lowestoft)

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1 ELIZA, fully equipped Azorean whaleboat H15B , acquired by ISCA in 1982 in sailing condition, c/w Mast, oars (including steering oar), whaling gear. No sail...  (Sold) Sold
2 River Wear Foye LESLIE (NSBR ref 339) c/w Rudder  (Sold) Sold
3 Annie: A Shetland Foureen Well equipped and with an authentic wooden bailer engraved with the boat`s name, Reproduction mast and yard. Original, cotton sail (water...  (Sold) Sold
4 Berthon collapsible dinghy (NSBR Ref: 1963)  (Sold) Sold
5 Brunei racing Dugout (NSBR ref 2493)  (Sold) Sold
6 Lake Beringo (Kenya) reed boat, date built: 1912, Class/type: Wear Foyboat, (NSBR ref: 2618)  (Sold) Sold
8 Welsh Teifi coracle (NSBR ref: 2492)  (Sold) Sold
9 Welsh Tywi coracle (NSBR ref: 2643)  (Sold) Sold
10 BLESSING is a Portland Lerret (NSBR ref: 2458)  (Sold) Sold
11 The Result - Model Ship Built by John and Harry Duffield at Harland & Wolff, Constructed from Wood and Steel, Approximately 1.7m Long  (Sold) Sold
12 Cutty Sark - Model Ship Approximately 90cm Long  (Sold) Sold
13 Model North American Birch-Bark Canoe, 80cm Long  (Sold) Sold
14 Model North American Birch-Bark Canoe, 75cm Long  (Sold) Sold
15 Model Senegal Gal Fishing Boat  (Sold) Sold
16 Model Lake Titcaca Reed Boad c/w Sail 50cm Long  (Sold) Sold
17 Model Lake Titcaca Reed Boat 30cm Long  (Sold) Sold
18 3 x Model Nethina Fishing Boats  (Sold) Sold
19 A Model Portuguese Valboeiro Boat  (Sold) Sold
20 Model Portugese Douro Wine Boat, 1m Long  (Sold) Sold
21 2 x Model Curragh Inshore Boats  (Sold) Sold
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